Get Your Commercial Facility Sanitized from Stem to Stern

Arrange for professional fogging services in Lithia Springs, GA

Due to the high traffic nature of office buildings, it's important to sanitize common areas thoroughly to inhibit the spread of disease. That's why Professional Investment Cleaning Services LLC offers sanitization and fogging services for businesses in Lithia Springs, GA and surrounding areas. From top to bottom, we'll make sure every surface in your building is sanitized.

In addition to fogging, our expert floor cleaning services can help to sanitize your office. Reach out today for details about our services.

How will we go about sanitizing your office?

How will we go about sanitizing your office?

When you hire us for sanitization and floor cleaning services, our company employs multiple methods to ensure a complete sanitization. We'll use:

  • A fogging machine to sanitize the air
  • A floor scrubber to clean the floors
  • Wipes and sprays to sanitize surfaces

Call us at 678-935-7431 to make an appointment for fogging services at your place of business.